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The Birchanger Woods Trust
Community Involvement
The Trust is supported by its volunteers in the woods and in administration, its local councils, the Forestry Commission, the local community, local schools and Rotary clubs, local businesses, the local newspaper, Trusts and individuals.

The Trust works in education with cubs, scouts, brownies and beavers, students aiming for their Duke of Edinburgh awards, the local primary schools with Art in the Wood. Schools and voluntary organisations, run, walk, train, carry out fungi and bird counts and use the Wood for educational purposes and a respite for asthmatic pupils. The Trust has planted 10 new Dutch-elm resistant trees, 150 saplings to celebrate 150 years of the Herts and Essex Observer newspaper in the area, reinstated an ancient pond and to encourage frogs, amphibians and other wildlife back into into the Woodland.

The Trust’s emphasis has now to move on towards education thereby achieving their remaining objective. Whilst work on the paths has been progressing, the Trust’s Warden has been actively carrying out a series of projects with many of the community young persons to encourage and enhance their appreciation into the working of an ancient woodland.
For this to continue and to improve the efficiency, effectiveness of both the woodland maintenance and guidance, the Trust are looking at the construction of a secure compound, secure store and a tractor/trailer

The secure compound will encompass a tree nursery and hedgehog sanctuary. The secure store will house the Trust’s equipment, provide a base from which instruction can take place and an under-cover area within which to work and demonstrate when the weather is inclement. The store will be very basic, no mains water or electricity because the Trust do not wish to commit to large overheads at this stage of its development. A tractor and trailer will be essential for moving around the Wood, transporting wood and tools and volunteers.