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The Birchanger Woods Trust
The Trust reviewed its ‘reason d’etre’ in 2010. The result of which was the decision to search for funds in order to renovate its major woodland paths.  The woodland undergrowth was becoming completely worn away and it was recognised that if feet could be kept on paths this would provide a huge boost in encouraging the under-growing bulbs and plants to regenerate.

The completion of our first refurbished path running from Birchwood High School down to Wickes DIY store was officially opened on the 15 January 2011 by BBC Gardener Christine Walkden and resulted in huge increased usage of the woodland and demands by users to extend these high quality paths and their links to one another.
Further fundraising was undertaken and our second path was opened on the 18 November by the Right Honourable Caroline Spellman Secretary of State, who used to attend the Herts and Essex High School in Bishop’s Stortford. This path completed a ‘pan-handle’ with our first path. The third path, that would complete the remaining part of the figure of eight, on the Bishop’s Stortford side of the Wood was completed late in November 2012 and will have its official opening in early 2013. Meantime, the forth stage of the paths, an individual ‘figure of eight’ set on the Birchanger side of the Wood was completed and this was opened on the 20 October 2012 by  HR the Lord Petre JP, Lord Lieutenant of Essex and Dr Maria Davy,  Chair of Birchanger Parish Council.
Whilst  stage 3 and stage 4 paths were being upgraded, the public footpath that runs through the centre of Birchanger Wood linking Birchanger and Stansted with Bishop’s Stortford was concurrently refurbished – and so 5.3Km of winding woodland all-weather paths were completed!!
Our paths are newly refurbished, 2 metres in width and include picnic areas and benches – come and use them –try  them out with your family, your young children and bring their buggies and small bikes, bring your binoculars, check out the fungi, bring your running club, bring your dog, bring your camera. Breath fresh air, listen to the birds enjoy exercise, solace and education. As well as young persons our paths are friendly to the elderly and those with disabilities including those in wheelchairs.
If you and your family enjoyed your visit and wish to help the trust maintain the woods for future generations, you can donate on line using the orange button button on the top of each page.