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The Birchanger Woods Trust
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Ash Bench Pond Viewing Platform
This bench and table was made from Ash trees that were pollarded in this area to allow more light to penetrate and to encourage wild flowers and bio-diversity.
The pond needed deepening to encourage wildlife and because our tadpoles were having difficulty developing into frogs and toads before the pond dried up.
The benches and table, spur path, and pond viewing platform were constructed by hand by volunteers and Duke of Edinburgh Award students to allow wheel chair users unhindered access to this area of the wood.  The pond was dredged and enlarged by D. Honour & Son (Landscape) Ltd who provided labour and equipment free of charge.  
The trust wishes to express it’s thanks to all those concerned.

You will notice Field Maples and Hornbeams in this area together with some coppice Hazel stools.