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The Birchanger Woods Trust
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QR POI # 2 - Shed Art by the Girton Youth Trust

The Girton Youth Project (GYP) responded to an article placed by the Birchanger Wood Trust on the Essex and Hertfordshire University’s (Arts) notice boards for a graffiti artist.

A group of budding graffiti artists, under the leadership of Tim Shuker-Yates suggested some likely designs and these were submitted to The Birchanger Wood Trust who unanimously chose the exciting art-work now displayed on the store in our compound. The attractive and complimentary art work was carried out over two weekends in September by the enthusiastic, artistic and dedicated young people  from GYP.

Girton Youth Project has provided community-based youth work for the young people of Girton and surrounding area since 2006. The project is supported by Girton Town Charity and managed through The YMCA Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

GYP offers young people from the age of 8 to 19 the opportunity to meet and participate in activities in the evenings and throughout the school holidays. They give young people the chance to meet friends, play games or just relax in a comfortable atmosphere and arrange regular events and trips for all young people who come to the project.

There are many active members of the project who have also been involved with funding committees and lead on decision-making groups.
“What has been particularly exciting for all of us involved in this project is the opportunity to use our own creative talents to produce what we wanted from beginning to end, we were able to use graffiti principles to make something more in keeping with the environment and we hope have inspired others too.”
You can find out more information about the project at girtonyouthproject.co.uk and you can find many more of their art projects on Facebook.       September 2013

For more information about the Girton Youth Trust use the link below: