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The Birchanger Woods Trust
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To establish a Compound; provide a Tree Nursery; a Hedgehog Sanctuary; erect a basic Store; and to purchase a Tractor/trailer suitable for operating within the confines of the woodland paths of Birchanger Wood.

The Compound and a suitable tractor/trailer are very important and as they will provide a base from which to operate and transport in order to carry out normal maintenance and storage requirements for our 69 acres of ancient woodland and the 5.5 Km of newly refurbished, all weather, winding woodland paths.

In time it will also be a place of learning providing ‘hands-on experience’, for young volunteers and tactile development for those less able. The tree nursery after it has been properly dug over and fertilised will enable the woodland volunteers of all ages to see and grow replacement trees from local seedlings. Hedgehogs are endangered, and the compound will provide a sanctuary for hedgehogs who are not able to live in the wild due to injury.

50% of the funding for this project has been met by grant from the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE), East of England RDPE Programme 2007-2013. The grant was approved by the Eastern Plateau Local Action Group (LAG) with East Herts District Council as the LAG appointed Accountable Body.

The funding for this scheme is supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development Europe (Rural Areas), DEFRA, and Eastern Plateau which in turn is supported by East Herts District Council, North Herts District Council, Uttlesford District Council, Hertfordshire County Council and Essex County Council.
.The remaining 50% funding was obtained by way of many grants and donations for which the Trust wishes to thank each and every person who contributed. Veolia Water, now Affinity Water provided assistance ‘in kind’.

September 2013