Visitor code

The wood is free to enter, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, we ask visitors to abide by a simple code to respect the natural environment and to ensure safety. Note that motorbikes and quads are not allowed in our wood due to the damage they cause to the undergrowth.

  1. Paths: Please keep to the paths. The paths were installed to improve year round access and to preserve the flora of the woods for future generations.  Please do not walk or cycle off the paths, especially in boggy areas where rare plants are easily damaged.
  2. Respect: Do not pick flowers or take plants. These are part of the woodland’s natural ecology and many are essential for insects and the food chain. Leave them for everyone to enjoy. Never start fires in the wood.
  3. Walking: Walkers should take great care in any wood or forest during high winds when loose or dead branches and even trees are more likely to fall. Any loose overhead debris is known by foresters as a “Widow Makers” because  dead branches can be dislodged by wind or vibrations caused when working in the woods, possibly with with fatal consequences. These occurrences, although rare, do happen, so enjoy the woods but be vigilant and exercise  caution especially during windy periods.
  4. Cycling: The Birchanger Wood Trust wish to encourage responsible cycling on our network of paved paths. Please remember that young families, school children, dog walkers and disabled people also use the paths, so please treat other community users with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Remember, it is not a race track, so slow down and enjoy this ancient woodland.
  5. Dog Walking: Please keep your dog under control, remember that the boundary of the woods is not fenced off, and that the A120 runs through the woods. When chain saws are in use for woodland management please keep your dog on a lead. We would like to encourage dog walkers to clear up after their pets. There are dog bins close to the Scout hut (Heath Row entrance) and next to Birchwood School on Parsonage Lane.

Wheelchair users

Birchanger Wood Trust have made great progress in opening up the wood for the use of people with limited mobility and mothers with push chairs. If you are a wheelchair user, the most suitable entrance to use is the Woodlands entrance, as there is a circular all weather path, a pond with a picnic table and the area is quite flat and therefore suitable for people with limited mobility.

As the woods are on a hill, there is an general incline down to Stansted road, and the path can become quite steep at this point, and therefore may not be as suitable, depending upon your mobility.