Birchanger Wood Trust

Birchanger Wood consists of 69 acres of ancient coppiced woodland – hornbeam, hazel, ash, birch, oak, sweet chestnut, cherry, holly, and a wide range of flora including English bluebells, wood anemones and golden saxifrages.

The wood is maintained entirely by volunteers in accordance with a management plan drawn up by professional ecologists and the Forestry Commission for the benefit of local community and visitors and supported by donations from a wide range of organisations, private, public and by individuals.

We have recently installed 5.3 Kilometres of winding all-weather, wheelchair-friendly path.

If you would like to contribute to our work in any way, as a volunteer or to help the work, please go to the contact section of the web site.

The wood is owned and managed by the Birchanger Wood Trust 2018, a charitable incorporated organisation that was created exclusively to manage the wood for the public good.


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