Completed Wood Store Will Boost Trust’s Funds

The Trust’s volunteers have been busy in recent months, building a new covered wood store in our compound off Heath Row to improve storage and seasoning of firewood for sale.

Cut wood from coppicing is stored in the new shelter, providing a better quality seasoned log that burns hotter and more efficiently with less smoke. Air can circulate around the logs, which are better protected from the elements. With a solid base for the logs to sit on, the store also reduces the possibility of a wood pile collapse and is therefore safer.

Wood sales contribute to funding the work in Birchanger Wood, helping to maintain this ancient woodlands for future generations. A second wood store is planned at our compound, subject to more fund-raising. More storage will mean increased income for the Trust, enabling it to meet its charitable aims and objectives.

Logs are sold to the public at our compound every Saturday all year round, between 9-10am and 2-3pm. Each barrow load costs £12.

Before and after

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