Bug hunt: the Results

Led by local conservationist and science educator Jono Forgham, Birchanger Wood’s bug hunt on 22nd June recorded over 100 invertebrates. Adults and children were deployed around the wood to find bugs of various sizes in the trees and under logs. Most were identified on site, but others required further study through a magnifier or microscope. The biggest challenge came in the hoverfly category where leg colour, facial hair and size may determine each to specific species.

English names given where they have them, otherwise just the family group.

Those that were identified successfully were:


Micro Moths:

Hedya pruniana

Udea olivalis

Butterflies: Nymphalids

Vanessa atalanta: Red Admiral

Parage aegeria: Speckled Wood x3

Maniola jurtina: Meadow Brown (on A120 verge)

Butterflies: Lycaenidae

Celastrina argiolus: Holly Blue.


Arthropoda: Arachnida

Araneae: True spiders

Diaea dorsata….Green crab spider

Amaurobius similis……….(one of the lace web spider sp)

Xysticus lanio…..(one of the crab spider sp)

Eratigena duellica….(house spider sp from woodpile)

Enoplognatha ovata…. Common candy striped spider x4


Harvestman sp


Hemiptera: Bugs

Pentatomidae: Typical shieldbugs

Troilus luridus: Bronze shieldbug

Dolycoris baccarum: Hairy shieldbug

Coreidae: Leatherbugs

Coreus marginatus: Dock Bug

Miridae: Plant or Capsid bugs.

Rhabdomris striatellus: (one of the capsid bugs)

Mirius striatus: (one of the capsid bugs)


Coleoptera: Beetles

Carabidae: Ground beetles

Cychrus caraboides: Snail hunter

Pterostichus madidus: Black clock x3

Pterostichus melanaurius: (ground beetle sp)

Pterostichus niger: (ground beetle sp) x2

Notiophilus biguttatus: (ground beetle sp)

Carabus violaceus: Violet ground beetle x 3

Carbus problematicus: (ground beetle sp)

Stomis pumicatus: (ground beetle sp) x 5

Elateridae: Click beetles

Dalopius marginatus: (click beetle sp)

Staphylinidae: Rove beetles

Ocypus olens: Devil’s coach-horse

Philonthus decorus: (rove beetle sp)

Cerambycidae: Longhorn beetles

Clytus arietis: Wasp beetle


Mecoptera: Scorpion Flies


Panorpa germanica


Diptera: True flies

Syrphidae: Hoverflies

Syrphus ribessi  x20

Syrphus torvus

Episyrphus balteatus: Marmalade fly x20

Conopidae: Thick-headed flies

Conops ceraeformis


Hymenoptera: Ants, bees and wasps

Ichmeumonidae: Ichneumon wasps

Ichneumon deliratorius

Vespidae: Social, Potter and Mason wasps

Vespula germani: German wasp

Bombus: Bumble bees

Bombus hypnorum: Tree bumble bee

Apis: Honey bee

Apis mellifera: Western honey bee